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This is an European hair style that goes back to the Georgian period. To the 20th century it was treated as an informal,

in-door hair style.

Today, women commonly wear their hair in ponytails in informal and office settings or when exercising.

For formal occasions the braids and accessories are added.

It is a practical choice as it keeps hair out of the eyes and off the neck as well.  A ponytail can also be a fashion statement;

sometimes meaning sporty, other times a low pony tail sends signals of a chic personality.

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Ponytails are most commonly gathered at the middle of the back of the head, or the base of the neck. Depending on fashions,

they may also be worn at the side of the head (which is sometimes considered formal) which is worn over one ear, or on the

very top of the head (allowing the hair to fall down the back or one side of the head).

Here you can find some tips on how to get this lovely hair style.

Be careful though how and where to ware your a pony.

It goes from loose and sporty to very elegant and classy and if not properly chosen can ruin your complete look.

It is common for those who wear tight ponytails to experience traction alopecia, a form of hair loss.

Sometimes it will cause a headache, so do not wear your ponytail too tide.

Choose your style carefully according to the event. Make sure it does go properly with  your outfit for the day and your spirit.


Sporty style


A loose, relaxed pony goes perfectly with her any, sightseeing attire.

Tip: Let your hair dry so it has its natural texture to it.

Then, loosely pull your strands into a ponytail that lands between the nape of your neck and

the crown of your head. Secure with an elastic band.


Half up-half down style 


Tip: Pull the front half of your hair into a high pony and secure it with an elastic band one

inch in front of the crown of your head.

Then, take a strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic to conceal it;

bobby pin it to keep it from unraveling.

Finally, let the hair that’s in the ponytail blend into the rest of your hair that’s down and

pull both sides over each shoulder.


High-flying style


Tip: Pick up a hair extension to give you some length and pull your hair up

into a high ponytail at the crown of your head and secure it with a hair tie.

Then, take a structured fabric, like leather, and wrap it around the elastic band and over the hair

that’s coming out of the ponytail, and then back toward the hair tie.

You’ll want to pin it as close to the band as possible to keep it from unwinding.



Bombshell (Smooth)


Tip: Separate the front strands and style them into place before you tie the pony.

Be careful – if you try to pull them from the tail, you’ll inevitably mess it up.


Bombshell (Messy)

Tip: Flip your head and backcomb the hair at your crown. The hair will look kind of lift and

give a cute messy look.




Tip: Don’t use a clip to hold your pony in place—it makes it look flat.

Instead, use an elastic and then secure the clip to the top of the tail.


Wavy with Bangs

Tip: Use a curling iron to create waves before putting your hair up—not after. It looks more natural.




Tip: First let you hair fall along the centre and then pull it back in a loose ponytail.


Side ponytail


Tip: Secure your tresses by the nape of your neck and off to one side.

Then, drape the ponytail over your shoulder. Leave it loose.

This style won’t look right if it’s pulled too tightly.


Super sleek



Form a slicked-back, high pony.

Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic and pin it underneath—this makes the style more polished.

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