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How to choose your eyeglasses

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How to choose your eyeglasses



Selecting correct eyeglasses is an important task that involves a wide range of knowledge about fashion and beauty. Properly selected eyeglasses may make your face shine out and underline all the beauty you have never notice you poses. It’s all about knowing the shape of your face, hair colour and makeup, and most important remember the eyeglasses are a major part of your style. So the first step will be to identify your face shape. It may be HEART, LONG, OVAL, TRIANGLE, SQUARE or ROUND.

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heart heart photo 

Heart shaped faces are characterized by an upside-down triangle appearance, in which the forehead is significantly wider than the chin.  The pointed chin makes this the softest of faces.

Try frames that are thin, light metal or plastic, and slightly rounded.  Oval shapes are good for heart faces, as are glasses with a broader bottom than top.  This will bring balance to the width of your temples, and make the point of your chin seem less severe.

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If you have the  long face shape, your face will be longer than it is wide. It is typically very symmetrical, but the wrong frames can elongate you even more.

Look for a pair of round or square frames that have more depth than width.  You’ll want to break up the long lines of your face, so decorative or geometric frames work as well.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.19.25 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.19.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.19.41 PM





Those with an oval shape are the luckiest of all! Your face will have cheekbones higher than the middle of your face, and your chin will be a bit narrower than your forehead, though not by much.  Why are you luckiest, you ask? Because most — pretty much all — frames will look great on you.

You might want to avoid significantly rounded frames, as the general rule is to go for the opposite of your shape.  Upswept corners will emphasize your cheekbones and make your jaw appear thinner and more angular.

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Round faces have full cheeks without many angles.  The width and length of your face is roughly the same.

Avoid glasses with a lot of curves in them, any that mimic your face shape.  Instead, go for straight, angular frames that will add more structure to your face.  Darker frames are also helpful, because they draw attention to the lines of your glasses, and define your face. Finally, choose lenses that are wider than they are deep.

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Square-faced individuals have a lot of angles.  From your cheekbones to your jaw, your face is very defined.

To soften the angles in your face, go for a low-profile pair of glasses.  “A frame that is wider than the widest part of the face helps to balance the proportion of a square face,” Blumenthal tells us.  A defined top of the glasses will draw the eye away from your jawline, and slim, barely there frames add delicacy.

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How to choose your eyeglasses